Power the World with 100 percent Renewable Energy

Excerpt reposted from: How to Save $23 Trillion Per Year: 100% Renewable Energy for the World

by Jeff Masters | January 02, 2017

Here’s a 2017 New Year’s resolution I’d like to see the nations of the world adopt: an immediate international effort to invest in a world where 100% of our electricity will be generated by wind, water, and solar power by 2050.

Such an effort is technically and economically feasible, and has been championed by Stanford professor Mark Jacobson since 2009.

His latest research on the subject was laid out in a series of talks last month in San Francisco at the annual meeting of The American Geophysical Union—the world’s largest conference on climate change.

100 percent Renewable energy - Wind turbines in Scotland produced 106% of Scotland's power over the holiday season 2016.
Jeff Masters proposes an international effort to power the entire world by 2050 with 100 percent renewable energy, via wind, water, and solar power exclusively. Over the 2016 holiday season, wind turbines in Scotland met 106 percent of Scotland’s electricity demand. Image courtesy The National.scot

During his talks, Dr. Jacobson outlined a plan to power 139 nations of the world for all purposes—including electricity, transportation, heating/cooling, industry, and agriculture/forestry/fishing—using a mix of approximately 37% wind, 58% solar, 4% hydropower, and 1% geothermal, wave, and tidal power.

His road map to a 100 percent renewable energy future uses existing generator technologies, along with existing electrical transportation, heating/cooling, and industrial devices and appliances.

He argued that his plan… [click here to read the full article]

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Hawaii to Hit 100% Renewable Energy by 2045

Electric companies in Hawaii propose cleaner path to 100 percent clean energy

With up to $3.7 billion estimated customer savings and 8 million fewer barrels of oil imported annually (starting in 2021) greenhouse gas emissions will drop in Hawaii by four million tons per year. Transition to 100% renewable energy by 2045 in the Aloha State will result in lower healthcare costs, lower infrastructure maintenance costs, improved quality of life for residents and clearer outdoor photographs for tourists.

Many Hawaiians believe that the state can hit that goal by 2045 because the islands are renewable energy leaders now, with many solar, wind, and even some experimental OTEC (Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion) power generation stations.Continue reading Hawaii to Hit 100% Renewable Energy by 2045