Apple Announces 2.2 GW Clean Energy Project in China

Apple’s latest clean energy initiatives include various solar power projects and partnership with the World Wildlife Fund to protect one million acres of Chinese forestland

Apple announces major clean energy projects in China October, 2015.
Apple Inc. announces major clean energy initiatives in China that complement a series of global commitments the company announced earlier this year. Image Credit: Flickr via Miguel Garces

Corporate sustainability is a field that demands a forward-thinking mentality and creative solutions to preserve the planet. For very large global companies, sustainability should be more about developing an ability to scale change far beyond their own organization. Apple is focusing on this larger role with the launch of two major clean energy projects aimed at… Continue reading Apple Announces 2.2 GW Clean Energy Project in China

Harvard Business School Embraces Sustainability

Harvard Business School 2015 Commencement Features Sustainability

Harvard has made it a University-wide priority to address the challenges of climate change and sustainability. The University created a Sustainable Plan in 2014 that provides the roadmap for building a healthier, more sustainable campus. As a part of this commitment, the 2015 Harvard Business School Commencement held in the last week of May, highlighted a… Continue reading Harvard Business School Embraces Sustainability