Scotland Powers 960,000 Homes via Wind Power

According to a report from the Scottish Government
wind farms generated record amounts of power in the first quarter of 2015.

The same report confirms record levels of renewable energy generation were achieved in the country throughout 2014, with almost half of all electricity demand met via renewable energy generators.

Ardrossan, Scotland wind farm
Wind generated record amounts of power in Q1 of 2015. Statistics also confirm 50% of all demand was met via renewable energy in 2014. Ardrossan, Scotland wind farm image courtesy of Vincent van Zeijst – Own work, CC BY 3.0.

Wind Power
in Scotland

Wind power is Scotland’s fastest growing renewable energy technology, with 5328 MW of installed capacity as of March 2015. This includes 5131 MW of onshore wind and 197 MW of offshore wind.

There is further potential for expansion, especially offshore given the high average wind speeds, and a number of large offshore wind farms are planned.

The Scottish Government has a target of generating 50% of Scotland’s electricity from renewable energy by 2015, and 100% by 2020, which was raised from 50% in September 2010.

The majority of this new energy capacity will come from wind power. — Wikipedia

If Scotland meets it’s planned target of 100% renewable energy generation in 2020, it will join a growing list of foresighted nations that are powered by clean energy.